Section / Rule Number   Content
1 Short Title and Commencement - The Companies (Winding up) Rules, 2013
2 Definitions -The Companies (Winding up) Rules, 2013
3 Forms
4 Fees
5 Winding-Up Petition and its Hearing
6 Provisional Liquidator
7 Winding-Up Order
8 Applications Under Section 279
9 Reports by Company Liquidator Under Section 281
10 Settlement of the List of Contributories
11 Advisory Committee
12 Meetings of Creditors and Contrbutories
13 Proxies in Relation to Meetings of Creditors or Contributories
14 Attendance and Appearance of Creditors and Contributories
15 Submission of Periodical Report to Tribunal
16 Application for Stay of Winding-Up Proceedings
17 Collections and Distribution of Assets in a Winding-Up by a Tribunal
18 Calls in a Winding-Up by the Tribunal
19 Professional Assistance for the Company Liquidator
20 Registers and Books of Account to be Maintained by the Company Liquidator
21 Filing and Audit of the Company Liquidators Account
22 Examination Under Sections 299 and 300
23 Sales by the Company Liquidators
24 Voluntary Winding-Up
25 Liquidator in Voluntary Winding-Up
26 Debts and Claims Against Company
27 Application Against Delinquent Directors, Promoters and Officers of the Company
28 Disclaimer
29 Compromise or Abandonment of Claims
30 Dividends and Returns of Capital in a Winding-Up by a Tribunal
31 Conclusion of Winding-Up
32 Banking Account of the Company Liqudator
33 Investment of Surplus Funds
34 Payment of Unpaid Dividends or Undistributed Assets into the Company Liquidation Dividend and Undistributed Assets Account in a Winding-Up
35 Official Liquidator 
36 Professional Assistance for the Official Liquidator
37 Registers and Books of Account to be Maintained by the Official Liquidator
38 Filing and Audit of the Official Liquidators Account
39 Winding-Up Application Before Central Govt
40 Winding-Up Order
41 Reports by Official Liquidator
42 Notice to Debtors or Contributories
43 Sales by the Official Liquidators
44 Settlement of Claims of Creditors by the Official Liquidator
45 Appeal Under Sub Section (1) of Section 364
46 Order of Dissolution of Company
47 Contributories in Winding Up of Unregistered Company
48 Power to Stay or Restrain Proceedings
49 Directions as to Property in Certain Cases
50 Rule
51 Rule
52 Miscelleaneous
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