Authentication of Documents, Proceedings and Contracts

Notified Date of Section: 12/09/2013

21. Save as otherwise provided in this Act,—

(a) a document or proceeding requiring authentication by a company; or

(b) contracts made by or on behalf of a company,

may be signed by any key managerial personnel or 3[an officer or employee of the company] duly authorised by the Board in this behalf.


3. Substituted by  the Companies Amendment Act 2017 :- Amendment effective from 9th february 2018

In section 21,

for the words "1&2[an officerof the company"

the following words shall be substituted, namely :-

"an officer or employee of the company"

Exceptions/ Modifications/ Adaptations

1. In case of Specified IFSC Public Company - In Section 21 for the words “an officer” read as “an officer or any other person” - Notification Date 4th January, 2017

2. In case of Specified IFSC Private Company - In Section 21, for the words “an officer” read as “an officer or any other person”.- Notification Date 4th January, 2017